• Why Punters are betting offshore. Because they have no other choice.

    Why Punters are betting offshore. Because they have no other choice.

    Do we want to send our money overseas? Off course not

    Do we like having to risk never being paid? Umm No

    If we could place our bets in Australia would we? HELL YES

    This happens every single day on every single bet most people try and place. It is infact the bookmakers that form the AWC that have forced punters hands and the only way they can now bet is to go offshore.

    In total I could get $389 to win $163 across all Australian Wagering Council Bookmakers. While betting with some offshore bookmakers is risky, they will at least take a bet from customers. They need to make sure everyone is given a fair go and can bet whatever they like on all sports and that these corporate bookmakers pay a fair tax on their profits. All thanks to the members of the Australian Wagering Council.


    Time to crack the whip on illegal offshore operators

    The proliferation of illegal offshore operators again highlights the need for government reform of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (Cth), which no longer reflects the current state of technology or advances in global harm

    minimization measures.

    This morning I read the following statement from the so called Australian Wagering Council (which is solely made up of Bristish Bookmakers) which really made me angry.

    The Australian Wagering Council has warned more Australians face losing their money and risks to the security of their personal and financial information, unless governments commit to a crackdown on the operations of illegal offshore wagering service providers.

    Maybe off to Unibet then

    What a load of utter f&cken bulls#t. The Australian Wagering Council is dead right when it said “the need for government reform of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (Cth), which no longer reflects the current state of technology”. This NRL game is a huge game and yet they limit or ban me completely. These UK giants made a big mistake when they thought they could treat the Australian public the same way they treated the UK public for years.

    I went to Sportsbet first

    “If you enjoy a bet on racing and sport make sure you do it with an Australian licensed, highly regulated wagering service provider”, Mr Downy concluded.

    It is estimated in excess of $1Billion is bet offshore by Australians annually and a 2014 report on interactive gambling, funded by Gambling Research Australia, found that at least one-third of interactive gamblers were not concerned about gambling with offshore providers.

    I wanted to place $500 on South Sydney to win tonight’s big NRL finals game against Manly. The prices on the Australian bookies varied between 1.4 and 1.45. The government needs to act immediately to stop these bookmakers from making Australian punters risk their money overseas. I could get better offshore, but lets say i really wanted to support local australian business (cough, hack, wheeze).

    sportsbetI’m not even allowed to bet 1 cent with them on the game.

    Now sadly I am off to send money I really don’t want to overseas bookies. My only choice is to bet offshore.

    You can read the entire thing here, but I’ll paste the gist of it.

    What about Ladbrokes group (Ladbrokes, Bookmaker and Betstar)

    They let me bet $200.

    betstarHmm, a mighty $113

    Off to Tom Waterhouse (sportingbet and Centrebet)

    tommaxI could bet a max of $76 here. Learn More

  • Online Gambling: A Growing Addiction

    Online Gambling: A Growing Addiction

    Win or lose, it didn’t matter to me, it just set me up to bet again.”

    If you or your loved ones has a gambling problem, help can be found at the National Council on Problem Gambling.

    Mark Erickson always craved a piece of the action — so the accountant from Phoenix started betting on sports over the Internet.

    The situation became so dire, that Erickson contemplated killing himself. “It’s American, like apple pie. “The miracles I’ve experienced. I got myself into this. The college bowl games this weekend lead to the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. Then, it’s March Madness, where many participate in an office betting pool.. He credits a 12-step program to helping him overcome his problem, and he has not gambled in almost four years.

    “I became this person I didn’t know,” he said. Drawn in by the popularity of poker, half of all men in college are gambling on an monthly basis — even though betting on sports is illegal everywhere in the U.S. There are an estimated 6 million people who deal with the problem in the United States. People love to bet on it. As gambling on the Internet becomes more popular and more sites crop up, those numbers are expected to increase.

    It is now high season for sports betting. Desperate, he began stealing from his clients. He considered going to Mexico and if he couldn’t kill himself there, he’d pay someone else to do it, he said.

    “Life is great,” Erickson said. The sharing of experiences with friends, family, like I’ve never seen before. The lining up the money, the handicapping of the game, the betting of the game, the watching of the game. “It becomes an all-consuming activity. “But I thought this must be what I have to do. These are things that I avoided my whole life, not choosing to be a part of, but today I cherish them.”

    After 23 days on the run, Erickson turned himself in. except Nevada.

    “I think it’s a devastating illness, it’s an illness that if it’s not treated, it will end up that the person’s whole lifestyle will be affected,” said Ed Looney, executive director of Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey.

    But soon, it spiraled out of control.

    “Sports betting is the rock of Gibraltar,” Looney said.

    “I’ve heard other people compare it to a cocaine addiction, the high you get from that, and that’s the euphoria I felt,” he said. He served a year in prison and now works for a compulsive gambling helpline. People love to bet on their football games.”

    ‘A Devastating Illness’

    Erickson is a compulsive gambler, a condition just as dangerous and debilitating as drug or alcohol addiction. That will always be there. And when they caught on, he left his family and fled.

    The problem is affecting younger people as well. By some estimates, $7 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl alone in casinos, online and with bookies.

    Three and a half years ago, Erickson accrued $400,000 in gambling debts. I got to get myself out of it.

    Nevertheless, the industry rakes in mind-boggling amounts of cash Learn More

  • NBA bets on winning back fans
| Reuters

    NBA bets on winning back fans | Reuters

    The Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons also look ready to figure into the Eastern Conference battle.

    In Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal the Miami Heat still pack the NBA’s best one-two punch and if the two all-stars can stay healthy another championship could be headed to South Florida.

    San Antonio will be part of the opening night action against the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz take on the Golden State Warriors.

    NBA commissioner David Stern dismissed the incident as nothing more than a rogue employee but the league must now concentrate on regaining the confidence of American and Canadian fans instead of wooing interest abroad.

    While restoring integrity will be the NBA’s newest priority, the goal for the league’s 30 teams remains the same — winning a title.

    Referee Tim Donaghy’ admission he bet on games he officiated and passed on inside information to bookies has inflicted severe damage to the NBA’s credibility with the toll likely to mount as investigations continue.

    There appears, however, to be a new powerhouse taking shape in the Eastern Conference with 10-times all-star Kevin Garnett’s arrival in Boston.

    Yao, however, could be in for some stiff competition off the court following the arrival of compatriot Yi Jianlian, who has hogged the international spotlight since the Milwaukee Bucks took the seven-footer with the sixth overall selection in this year’s draft.

    Stung by the failure, James dedicated himself to an off-season of intense training in his bid to guide the Cavaliers to the championship and secure his place among the game’s greats.

    By Steve Keating

    | NEW YORK

    Over the last decade, none have been better at collecting championships than the San Antonio Spurs, who enter the new campaign seeking their fifth title in 10 years.

    Garnett, who came to Boston in a blockbuster trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, joins Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in Beantown, instantly transforming the crumbling Celtics into championship contenders.

    NEW YORK After a summer spent expanding its global brand with exhibition games from Shanghai to Rome, the NBA opens a new season on Tuesday looking to win back home fans following a gambling scandal which rocked the sport to its core.

    After spending much of summer demanding a trade, Bryant is expected to be on the floor for the Lakers despite a wrist injury that kept him out of the team’s final exhibition contest.

    Since the Rockets made Yao the top selection in the 2002 NBA draft, the towering 7ft 6ins center has blossomed into one of the NBA’s most dominant players and one of world’s most recognizable athletes.

    The aging Spurs will have a familiar look with 12 players back from last year’s squad, former league and playoff MVP Tim Duncan leading an all-star international cast that includes Frenchman Tony Parker and Argentine Manu Ginobili.

    The night’s other matchup will see two of the league’s marketing dynamos clash when Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers host Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets.

    Trade rumors have once again started to circulate, the Chicago Bulls reportedly making another bid for Bryant.

    The Phoenix Suns and their high-octane offence led by twice MVP Steve Nash, once again look the best in the West alongside the Spurs and Dallas Mavericks.

    LeBron James is no stranger to the spotlight and is certain to be the focus of attention again after leading the Cavaliers to the NBA finals for the first time last year only to be swept in four games by the Spurs. Learn More

  • NBA's Silver: Legalize sports gambling

    NBA’s Silver: Legalize sports gambling

    “Most states offer lotteries,” He wrote. And that means even bigger broadcast rights deals for the leagues, which is where the big money lies. “Over half of them have legal casinos.” He quoted estimates that $400 billion is wagered on sports every year.

    “Gambling has increasingly become a popular and accepted form of entertainment in the United States,” Silver wrote in an Op-Ed Friday in The New York Times. It is estimated to be a $1.4 billion a year business.

    Related: Macau trumps Vegas with $270 minimum bets

    The National Football League, Major League Baseball and the NCAA did not have a comment Friday on Silver’s position.


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    Silver was acknowledging what has been obvious in the world of sports for decades: people like to gamble on their favorite games, and will find ways to do so, no matter what the law says.

    Related: Sports gambling vs.

    More interest means even better ratings for what has increasingly become the most valuable programming on television.

    CNNMoney (New York) First published November 14, 2014: 2:46 PM ET

    Terms & Conditions apply

    NMLS #1136

    . And the New England Patriots already have a deal with a rival site DraftKings.

    But beyond those kinds of sponsorship deals, the leagues are betting that the biggest side benefit that gambling will generate is greater interest in their sport.

    In the Op-Ed, Silver called on Congress to change the law prohibiting sports gambling in most of the country since 1992.

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    NBA’s Silver: Legalize sports gambling – Nov. 14, 2014 by Chris Isidore   @CNNMoney November 14, 2014: 2:46 PM ET

    Don’t bet on him being the last.

    But there are already some signs of a change of heart at the NFL, the same league that once banned Vegas tourism commercials from the Super Bowl lest it be seen as endorsing gambling.

    Silver says it is important to protect the integrity of games, but argues that it would be easier, not tougher, with legalized gambling.

    Fantasy sports is a form of sports gambling which is allowed under current law.

    The NBA announced its own partnership deal with FanDuel on Thursday that grants it an equity stake in the site.

    “I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated,” he said. That’s also the main reason that despite being an attractive and growing market, no major sports team is based in Las Vegas.

    On Friday, the Washington Redskins announced a marketing agreement with FanDuel, which runs daily fantasy games. the stock market

    Leagues have opposed sports betting because of the possibility it could compromise their games’ integrity — a big concern ever since the thrown World Series in 1919, where Chicago players conspired with gamblers to intentionally lose the games Learn More

  • Online Gambling Law - CNN iReport

    Online Gambling Law – CNN iReport

    Thus, playing a casino-style game at a for-profit website online in the United States is referred to as gambling, since no state has yet finalized any law specifically authorizing a for-profit website operator to offer any casino games.

    Gaming and gambling in the United States have undergone a great boom. Gambling and betting online has increased exponentially. That is, a gaming activity could turn out to be gambling where applicable laws regulating that particular gaming are violated. The words “gamble” and “gambling” are generally used to discuss an activity that may run afoul of applicable criminal laws. For example, playing a card game for money in a purely social setting where no one earns anything from the game other than as a mere player would be gaming if such social games were excluded from the reach of the criminal anti-gambling laws in the state where the game takes place.

    Related Searches: US Online Gambling Laws New Online Gambling Law Federal Online Gambling Laws Bush Signs Online Gambling Law Online Gambling Law Passed Online Gambling News Online Poker Laws Texas Online Gambling Law online gambling law casino gambling law nys online law online gambling in south korea casino gambling law online online casino gambling law online gambling in masschuesetts law online gambling in massachusetts law tennessee law on online gambling us online gambling law

    Online gambling Law. There has been an explosion in opening Native American casinos. Gambling-Law-US.com presents, explains and analyzes the patchwork of state and federal and state gambling laws that apply to the boom.

    The two words are not mutually exclusive. Similarly, a gambling activity may turn out to be gaming if it is exempted from a given criminal statute. The word “gaming” is usually reserved for those instances where the activity has been specifically legalized by applicable laws or where the activity is exempted from the criminal laws. During the past decade most states have expanded legalized gaming, including regulated casino-style games and lotteries Learn More

  • 8 Surprising Facts About Parenting, Genes and What Really Makes Us Who We Are

    8 Surprising Facts About Parenting, Genes and What Really Makes Us Who We Are

    Genes vary within any group of people (even among the inhabitants of middle-class in Western society), and this variation contributes to variations in these people’s behaviors. Parents matter to the extent that they support the expression of genes.

    Take the most essential element: a child needs to be raised in a family, almost any kind of family, to develop the ability to speak a language. Socioeconomic status modifies heritability of IQ in young children. Hence, such studies are unable to generate satisfying understandings of the factors and processes that contribute to the development of intelligence.

    At the very least, heritability tells us how much of the variation in IQ can be accounted for by variation in genetic factors when development occurs in an exquisitely specific range of environments. Nonetheless, it is quite obvious that genetic factors play a role in determining the number of fingers we have on each of our hands!

    It turns out that parenting matters, just in a way different than originally assumed. Because our psychological characteristics reflect the physical structures of our brains and because our genes contribute to those physical structures, there are unlikely to be any psychological characteristics that are completely unaffected by our DNA. But all that we actually inherit from our parents are our genes and our genes’ (and our) environments, factors that then construct full-blown traits during development. It’s possible for many traits to involve gene-environment correlations.

    Heritability Says Nothing About Whether Intelligence Is More Determined By Genes Or The Environment

    Instead, the crucial environmental factors might remain unmeasured, and consequently, variability of those factors across the new range of environments could easily be very different than the variability of those factors across the environments sampled in the original study.

    The Actual Heritability Value Simply Does Not Matter

    Bouchard’s study, along with many others, has painted a consistent picture: Genes matter. Bouchard, Jr. You get picked first for the basketball team, whereas your smaller friends may not get picked at all. (1990). But it is not at all obvious prior to developmental analysis which environmental factors might make important contributions to the development of specific traits, so that approach would leave us measuring a seriously unwieldy number of variables.

    Turkheimer, E., Haley, A., Waldron, M., Onofio, B, & Gottesman, I.I. Moore, to list eight facts about genes, twin studies, and the heritability statistic that may come as a surprise to many people — even biologists!

    Therefore, when it comes to understanding the development of a trait in a particular person, nature can never be separated from nurture. The Flynn effect should be a reminder of just how much the environment matters, even after completely controlling for genes (by looking at IQ changes across generations).

    Deary, I.J., Penke, L., & Johnson, W. After reading these facts, it might be reasonable to ask, “Does the heritability coefficient have any practical value?”

    Twin studies partition the variance in nature and the variance in nurture. But does this mean that the variable “has a family” doesn’t matter in determining whether or not a person develops the ability to speak a language? Of course not! That’s like saying that water has no influence on a fish’s development because all fish live in water. Because traits that are 100 percent heritable can nonetheless be strongly influenced by environmental factors, it is not the case that a trait found to be heritable in a particular twin study will be passed from a given pair of parents to their children. Just because a variable doesn’t vary doesn’t mean it has no causal impact on a particular outcome.

    Let’s be clear: Twin studies have received much criticism. The causal route from genes to behavior is often very complex!

    In fact, the least heritable features of human nature may be those that appear to be the most genetically determined! Consider the fact that having 5 fingers on each of our hands is not a particularly heritable characteristic (because most finger number variations in humans are attributable not to genetic variation, but to variations in experiences, such as accidents). Science writer Matt Ridley has put it this way:

    It’s very easy to imagine how slight genetic predispositions can get magnified through the course of development by the environment. This cycle continues to magnify observed ability differences in basketball between those who keep getting opportunities to increase their skills and those who didn’t get picked that first time. The genes and environment eventually become correlated.

    Turkheimer’s study should also be a reminder that just because something is heritable doesn’t mean it’s immutable. The idea here is that environments set off an appetite in the genes that nudges individuals to engage in certain experiences, and the environment then responds in a reciprocal fashion that reinforces an individual’s nature. (2009). Beyond heritability: Twin studies in behavioral research. Furthermore, identical twins reared apart were eerily similar to identical twins reared together on various measures of personality, occupational and leisure-time interests, and social attitudes.

    Adoption studies and twin studies do not entail the purposeful manipulation of either specific genes or specific environmental factors. It makes no sense to ask whether a particular individual’s intelligence has been more determined by nature or by nurture. Consequently, in this study, the heritability of IQ was reported to be close to zero! Among the richest, however, the heritability of IQ approached what Bouchard found: Variations in the genes accounted for most of the differences in IQ scores, and the shared environment accounted for very little of the variance. Every minute, every second, the pattern of genes being expressed in your brain changes, often in direct or indirect response to events outside the body. Sources of human psychological differences: The Minnesota Study of twins reared apart. Psychological Science, 14, 623-628.

    Many psychologists continue to compute heritability statistics without questioning what exactly it is that they reveal to us. Naked DNA (or RNA) is simply not sufficient to produce psychological or biological traits.

    Moore, D.S.. This study points to the fact that estimates Learn More

  • Sports Betting Basics and Advanced Theories

    Sports Betting Basics and Advanced Theories

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  • OnlineGambling.com > #1 Online Gambling Sites Guide 2016

    OnlineGambling.com > #1 Online Gambling Sites Guide 2016

    It also means you can bet online from the comfort from your own home.

    These online gambling tips will help you enjoy your time spent playing at online casinos.

    » Horse Racing

    Often referred to as the ‘Sport of Kings’, horse racing and betting on horse racing is one of the exciting parts of life that everyone seems to experience at some point in their life.

    Online Betting

    Blackjack is a fun game to play on the internet, either at a table by yourself, at a multi-player table or even in an online blackjack tournament.

    » Online Casinos

    Looking for top online casinos? We’ve compiled a long list of the best online casino reviews!

    » Advice for Beginners

    Beginners to any game whether it is online or in a brick and mortar casino, knowing the rules, limits and general gameplay are very important.

    » Aladdin Slots

    This slot attracts a lot of attention in the Las Vegas casinos, we cover the basics of this slot and where you can play these online slots. Check out our online sportsbooks and sports betting odds. Some of the questions you need to answer are, what am I looking for?

    OnlineGambling.com has put together a whole section on our website for online sports betting, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and much more. Horse racing is prevalent in almost every country of the world from Australian Horse Racing to UK Horse Racing.

    Online Betting with NFL

    Play Blackjack or Learn to Play Blackjack

    » Betting Systems

    A betting strategy also known as a betting system is a structured approach to gambling intended to increase your odds of winning in casinos, card games and with online bookmakers.

    » How to Choose an Online Casino

    Choosing an online casino can be hard but for the most part it should be an easy and fun exercise. SlotsOnline.com offers a range of online slot reviews where you can find similar slots to Aladdin Slots.

    Online Gambling Tips

    Online betting is fun and it means you don’t have to go drive to your local sports betting or bar. OnlineGambling.com has them all for you right here!

    Play Blackjack

    Featured Game – Blackjack

    One reason online blackjack can be better than live casino blackjack is that if you choose to play at a one player table, the play of other players does not have to affect your hand.

    » Download Casino Software

    Many online casinos now offer you the option to either download their software or another similar option that will allow you to play their casino games. Learn More

  • Best Basketball – Compare Reviews and Ratings

    Best Basketball – Compare Reviews and Ratings

    Read Full Review

    The Molten BGR7 FIBA Rubber Basketball gives the player everything they love about the official FIBA basketball and bring it to the outdoors. Touting the same 12 panel, 2 tone look as the official FIBA Olympic basketball but with a rubber cover, the Molten BGR7 will be able to handle all the tough play-styles brought to the court. A microfiber composite leather cover gives the player optimal control and grip on the ball as they pass, shoot or dribble down the court. Combining different levels of grip, great consistency, and affordable price points, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

    Spalding Official NBA Leather Game Basketball

    Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

    Molten BGR7 FIBA Outdoor Rubber Men’s Basketball

    Spalding Official NBA Leather Game Basketball

    Wilson NCAA Solution Game Basketball

    The UA 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball provides the player with full ball pebbling, giving the player that extra hold on the ball so they won’t turn it over. Locating the right outdoor basketball can be a difficult thing. You can buy basketballs endorsed by some of your favorite players or buy one with a fancy design or bright colors. The differences are often subtle, but there are definitely differences! There are indoor basketballs, outdoor basketballs, and ones made for both indoor and outdoor use. By looking at the quality, consistent shape, and groove levels present in each of these picks, this list covers everything a player could need for finding the perfect basketball.

    The Spalding Top-Flite 1000 is a high value basketball in the collegiate ranks. Finding the perfect ball to fit your game can be tough with all the different brands and types out on the market, but thankfully there are a couple things you can look for to find the right one.

    The Spalding NBA Replica Official Basketball is the perfect outdoor basketball for any player who wants complete ball control. Read Full Review

    . Composed of durable composite leather, this basketball will be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and deliver a performance for the ages. Read Full Review

    The Spalding Official NBA Leather Game Basketball is the only basketball that can flash the official NBA logo given that it’s the leagues ball of choice. Boasting a full-grain leather cover, this NBA ball wears down slowly and will stay with you for years to come even with frequent use. Read Full Review

    These are also consistently spherical balls which is crucial to success. Playing outside, you won’t want to have a basketball that is very smooth because that will cause you to lose control very easily.

    Spalding Official NBA Leather Game Basketball

    Spalding Top-Flite 1000 Basketball

    Wilson Evolution

    Wilson NCAA Solution Game Basketball

    Spalding Top-Flite 1000 Basketball

    This list contains a starting point for you to find your perfect indoor basketball. The grip of the ball is also important because in the game of basketball you always want control. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different basketballs on the market. Supporting a ZK microfiber composite leather cover, the ball will offer a soft touch while still allowing you to maintain a good grip. The last thing you want on your mind while setting yourself up for a shot is whether the ball you’re using will bounce straight back up to you. There are varying degrees of groove levels with these selections, so finding the right level for you is big. The deep channel design gives the player a better follow-through by finding the seams easier. Each basketball on this list offers reliable bounce ability so you can drive for a layup with confidence. Read Full Review

    Molten BGR7 FIBA Outdoor Rubber Men's Basketball

    Spalding Official NBA Leather Game Basketball

    Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

    Wilson Evolution

    Best Outdoor Basketball:

    Knowing exactly the kind of basketball you need can be hard to decipher as the market is flooded with options. Read Full Review

    What’s the best basketball? That’s a question any serious basketball player has asked at some point in time. The Wilson Evolution Basketball is approved by the NCAA and is a great choice for any college level player. You can find basketballs for under $10 or spend over $75. Using aqua grip laid-in channels, you’ll enjoy a heightened grip when during play which allows for moves you never thought possible on a basketball court. Separating basketballs from all of the different brands, materials, and sizes can take a long time. By bouncing a ball on an outside surface, the chance for scratches to appear and dull the basketball are greater, so a ball with quality gripping ability is best for a player.

    When looking for the best indoor basketball experience there are a few things to look for such as bounce ability of the ball or “consistency” as well as how the ball grips. Some balls have a more pebbled feel for better grip while others feel slick at first and take longer to break in. Spaulding NBA BasketballThere are balls made from leather, composite leather, or rubber. However, to help you find the top basketballs available, for indoor and outdoor use, these lists can be used as a guide.

    Best Indoor Basketball:

    The game of basketball is defined by the individuals who play the game but without the basketball, the game itself wouldn’t exist. Read Full Review

    Whichever of these balls you select, they’ll be durable against not only the weather, but the playing surface as well including concrete, asphalt, and turf. Having the ability to grip the ball well is important to not only running an offense, but also for improving your individual game.

    The Wilson NCAA Solution Official Game Ball Basketball is used by both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division-I basketball tournaments. Though basketballs can be reviewed, rated, and ranked, they are mostly a matter of personal taste or preference Learn More

  • Negative Effects of Gambling

    Negative Effects of Gambling

    In spite of the losses incurred, they continue betting. Six to eight million people in America are estimated to have a gambling problem.

    ? Apart from absence at work and drop in efficiency, a common observation is that gamblers tend to steal money and engage in fraudulent behavior to recover from financial losses incurred when gambling, or to get more money to bet.

    ? A majority of those addicted to gambling have substance abuse disorders.

    ? Substances of abuse are served at casinos and in pubs and clubs, thus increasing the likelihood of gamblers consuming them. Some go that way to forget the sorrow of losing big sums when gambling.

    Initially, one looks at gambling as a way to run away from life’s problems, or from stress, anger, and loneliness. The two go hand in hand. It can drag you into crime, gambling isn’t fun.

    ? Similar to how an individual keeps consuming substances like drugs or alcohol to experience an altered mental state, he continues to gamble. Some take to substance abuse to supplement the high they get from winning huge sums while gambling. When they lose the money they had risked, they further gamble to recover the lost amount and it becomes a vicious circle even they can’t escape from.

    You could be at gunpoint or holding the gun. The skill of a gambler lies in weighing the three parameters and making a decision about what amount should be staked and how much should be expected in return.

    ? Problem gamblers and addicts tend to abuse their family members. Rehabilitating the gambling addicts needs money and time, and the process is not very easy. It only leads to a thoughtless expenditure of money and valuables.

    ? Over time, the practice of gambling starts becoming a habit and begins to have damaging effects at psychological, physical, and social levels. The decision to gamble money is based on three parameters namely; how much to bet, the predictability of the event, and the conditions agreed upon, between the gamblers.

    Mental and physical health problems, financial issues, and conflicts in the family are among the common negative effects of gambling. A recreational activity is supposed to be refreshing and relaxing, but something like gambling is contrary to the very purpose of recreation. They tend to stay away from their near ones, resulting in distrust between them and their loved ones.

    ? Addiction to gambling has been linked with substance abuse. Their mental state can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

    ? As gambling leads to increased criminal activities, in a way, gamblers add to the burden on prisons and the legal system.

    ? According to the University of New York, in people with alcohol use disorders, the chances of developing an addiction to gambling are 23 times higher.

    ? The costs of treating compulsive gamblers are huge. The addiction robs a gambler of all the productive time and leads to loss of efficiency at work. Forget satisfaction or peace, it is not even refreshing in the real sense. The stress of risking huge amounts of money or the frustration after losing it can increase the tendency of abuse in gamblers. On giving a serious consideration to the negative effects of gambling, we realize that it is best avoided.

    ? An Austrian study said that around 1 in 5 suicidal patients had a gambling problem.

    ? The addiction to gambling can leave one in bankruptcy. Due to lost mental peace, they may ill-treat their spouse and children. To add to the so-called merry atmosphere, gamblers often smoke or drink while playing.

    ? Gambling can lead to criminal activities. A study by the same university suggested that 73% of the individuals who are imprisoned are found to be problem gamblers.

    ? People continue gambling with the greed of winning money. They engage in gambling activities at the cost of their time with family and friends. Sports betting and arbitrage betting are the other types. Thus, gambling practices cause a huge financial burden on the families of the affected and on the society at large.

    ? They start borrowing money and take secret loans. Over time, it becomes a habit, and eventually an obsession that can’t be overcome. The greed never ends and they keep betting more and more. Betting is a mentally taxing activity, and as one goes on risking more and more money, anxiety starts building.

    Compulsive gambling leads to bankruptcy

    Gambling = Thoughtless Expenditure + Waste of Time

    ? Studies show that children with a sibling or parent addicted to gambling, are more likely to take to substance abuse.

    ? Children of parents who are problem gamblers or gambling addicts tend to feel abandoned and angry, further increasing stress and leading to strained family relations.

    ? Research has shown that gambling can lead to harmful behavior in people. It causes a decline in his/her work performance, thus hampering his career.

    Gambling refers to the betting of money on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the intent of winning additional wealth. Because of this, they land in worse situations and take the wrong decisions in life.

    Games offered in casinos, table games like poker, Red Dog, and Blackjack, as also electronic games like Slot Machine and Video Poker are some of the common types of gambling. Addiction to gambling, coupled with substance abuse can make the gamblers physically abusive towards their family. The effect is similar to that of having a drug or a drink, which is why gambling changes one’s mental state and mood.

    ? Gambling is practiced as a means of recreation. According to the National Research Council, 10 to 17% of the children of problem gamblers have been abused and so have 25 to 50% of the partners of problems gamblers.

    ? Gambling has proven to be addictive. The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) describes this type of gambling behavior as problem gambling.

    ? People who fall prey to gambling tend to remain away from their families and waste Learn More