Discovering ‘balloon boy’ dad was an iReporter

Yep. Here’s to a chart-topping, world-changing 2010.

4. What I love about it is that, first, the stories and pictures are dynamite, and second, it’s the kind of personal, intimate, pop culture reporting that you really only see here on iReport.

lila // December 30, 2009

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5. (We even stitched many of them together in a very cool Photosynth of the day in pictures.) What we didn’t expect is that just as many photos would come in of people all over the world posing in front of their living room TVs, as Barack Obama took the oath of office on CNN.



3. We threw off our blue banner and joined the world’s best site for news and information. (Read the post here. ) But 2009 was such an incredible year for iReport and citizen journalism, I found it impossible to limit myself to just one.  


This week the iReport team summed up our favorite iReport moments of 2009. And I totally interviewed him and his wife in 2008 after they posted a scary/fascinating video of a family storm-chasing adventure.



. on Saturday, October 24, bleary eyed and fairly trembling with excitement we officially made iReport part of Iran election protests

The violence following Iran’s presidential election in June was likely the story of the year, and it was brought to the rest of the world mostly by very brave men and women who took cameras into the middle of often dangerous situations, and used sites like iReport to share their footage with the world .






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1. Michael Jackson memory book

After Michael Jackson died, iReport filled up fast with sweet and rare snapshots of the King of Pop and the kids he met all over the world, and we built an interactive memory book out of the most interesting stories. So in the spirit of year-end lists all over the interwebs, here’s my personal roundup of favorite iReport moments in the last 365 days, in roughly chronological order:



2. Inauguration Day

We totally expected photos to flood in from the throngs of camera-wielding spectators braving the cold on the National Mall. It felt like a homecoming , and it’s only the beginning. Moving into

Hands down my favorite moment of the year was around 6 a.m

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